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Events / The Value of Militant Transparency  -Isiah Jones EP 44

The Value of Militant Transparency  -Isiah Jones EP 44

The Didactic Isiah Jones will be joining us for Cybeats Powerhouse Perspective episode 44 on May 15th at 10 AM ET.

Come join us in the green room for the recording or catch the episode on our Youtube channel.

Knowing the disposition of a fleet of ships distributed around the world requires a great deal of paying attention.

Fleets of onshore critical assets require no less pragmatic precision.
These critical systems will continue to maintain the control and visibility that allows them to perform their functions.

As supply chain security moves into the mainstream, those involved with the design and maintenance of these systems are learning lessons ahead of those faced with less critical concerns.

Join us as we wade into the interesting waters leaders like Isaiah are charting courses in.
Event Type: Shorts
Location: Online
65 International Blvd. Suite 202
Toronto, ON, Canada.
M9W 6L9
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Monday May 15th, 2023, 10:00AM - 10:45AM EDT
Friday May 6 2022
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