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Cybeats announces brand new BCA Marketplace for SBOM generation. Read the announcement.

BCA Marketplace

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BCA Marketplace: SBOM generation

Cybeats is revolutionizing the software transparency market with the Cybeats BCA Marketplace, the first-ever platform uniting leading vendors of binary composition analysis (BCA) tools. Our mission is to make advanced security practices accessible to everyone through this Marketplace. Within our platform, you can compare and choose from top-tier SBOM generation tools in minutes, eliminating lengthy delays.

The Cybeats BCA Marketplace also streamlines SBOM generation, allowing you to effortlessly create high-quality SBOMs that meet ever-changing security regulations – all without complex integrations or technical expertise. This streamlined process gives you peace of mind by ensuring your SBOMs meet industry standards, and puts you on the fast track to compliance.

The Cybeats Difference

The new Cybeats BCA Marketplace is your one-stop shop for SBOM generation and management. We bring the leading vendors together on our unified platform, and ensure that the SBOM’s are of the highest quality utilizing our proprietary technology. No more worrying about whether or not the SBOM you get will meet regulatory standards.

No more waiting weeks either. You’ll be able to generate high-quality SBOMs in minutes, ensuring compliance with ease.

Our marketplace simplifies procurement and puts you on the fast track to a secure software supply chain!

Key Features

Frictionless Access, Instant Results: Eliminate the wait times typically associated with proof-of-concepts. Effortlessly compare and choose from top-tier SBOM generation tools within minutes.

Simple SBOM Generation: Generate high-quality SBOMs effortlessly, ensuring compliance with evolving security regulations. No complex integrations or technical expertise are required.

Ready-Made Regulatory Compliance: Gain peace of mind with the knowledge that SBOMs generated through the marketplace meet industry standards. The platform streamlines the process, accelerating your path to compliance.

Unmatched Choice: Leverage the collective power of leading BCA vendors, all conveniently located within a single platform.

Unprecedented Speed: Get started in minutes, not months. Streamline your security processes with instant access to the tools you need.

Unparalleled Ease: Generate SBOMs effortlessly, without facing complex integrations or technical hurdles.

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