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Manage the Lifecycle of 

Your Software Bill

of Materials (SBOM)

SBOM Studio

Get transparency into your software’s reputation, nature and popularity with cybersecurity insights for the entire product lifecycle using SBOMs.

Product owners, managers, and security officers have an imperative responsibility to keep track of their software supply chains. Corporations need to leverage technologies to continually improve their secure-by-design processes. Product teams can use SBOMs to identify vulnerabilities early in the process and produce solutions that reduce corporate and customer risk. 

At every stage of the software development lifecycle (SDLC), Cybeats can extract the characteristics and attributes from software, even without access to source code, to deliver deep insights into the quality and security of software components.

Gartner estimates that 70 to 80 percent of modern software incorporates open source libraries (OSS) or components from third-party upstream suppliers into product design. These pre-made constructs increase productivity and shorten development time—but they also carry risk into the final product. Like any software module, these software ingredients can have vulnerabilities that emerge at any time, making the overall software product less secure over time.


Key Features

SBOM Is an Essential Corporate Asset

Corporations need to view SBOMs as assets that have value throughout the product lifecycle. Executives and managers can use the security posture scores derived from SBOMs to understand the risks to the business resulting from new vulnerabilities, license issues, and supply chain security incidents. SBOMs are essential to protect the investment and the reputation of your brand, to reduce costs over the life of your products, and to instill confidence in your SDLC for customers and partners.  

Continuous Threat

Be Ready for Industry Regulation

Coming into effect for the sharing of SBOMs are Industry regulations which mandate fines for non-compliance or shut down operations completely. The first step in mitigating these risks is the ability to inspect all the software that comes from suppliers into your supply chains. In industries where safety and security are paramount, it is not economically feasible to manually inspect all third-party files to ensure the quality of a multi-tier software supply chain. The time is now to develop a business advantage by putting the systems in place to manage and share SBOMs. 

Secure Device

Budget and Allocate Resources More Effectively

Organizations have a need to iterate and deliver software rapidly. Software that would take up to a month to complete can now be automatically remedied within minutes with Cybeats. A documented SBOM provides the ability to forecast costs for cybersecurity over the product lifecycle and allows the business to properly budget and allocate resources to maintain an advantage over security threats. 

Seamless Integration

Build Trust and Transparency

Create transparency and build trust across your software supply chain by sharing SBOMs with customers and receiving SBOMs from technology providers. Immediately understand the risks inherent in your products and mitigate as needed.

Asset Discovery

Asset Discovery

Cybeats IoT Radar  will scan your network to discover assets connecting to a network. Cybeat’s asset discovery capabilities will:

Analyzes the network connection and provides insights into known and unknown IoT threats.

Shows insights about connections made to rogue networks and displays transferred data.

Visualizes the IoT devices on the network, identifying devices with known vulnerabilities.

Gathers operational data about the connected device such as configuration.

SBOM Studio Is the Management Solution for Your Software Security Lifecycle

Cybeats SBOM Studio is an enterprise-class solution that helps you understand and track third-party components that are an integral part of your own software. Use SBOM Studio to document what you have and where it came from, and plan for the maintenance that will prevent security posture degradation over the life of your software. 

SBOM Studio from Cybeats

Conducts supply chain screening and provides transparency into the software provenance and pedigree

Supports a DevSecOps culture by providing a continuous security risk assessment

Performs software license analysis to help maintain compliance

Provides an understanding of how your product is affected by a breach of a vendor’s technology, a vulnerability, or a component approaching end of life

Supports the Software Package Data Exchange (SPDX) and OWASP CycloneDX

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Who Needs SBOM Studio?

SBOM Studio is a versatile solution with many levels of sophistication. It provides high level data and metrics for executives and managers and can go deep into the nuts and bolts for software developers.
Who can benefit from using SBOM Studio? 

Developers, product managers, and security officers who must ensure the secure design and ongoing function of any software product, including code embedded in various hardware devices

Company executives who want to thoroughly understand the risks inherent in their software products and future costs for maintenance

Any entity that sells or plans to sell software products, equipment, or devices with embedded software to the U.S. military or a U.S. government agency (compliance with Executive Order 14028)

Enterprise organizations and government agencies that utilize software from external vendors

Medical device manufacturers and healthcare delivery organizations like hospitals whose patients use life-saving devices with embedded software

Anyone who makes use of a software supply chain that isn’t under their full control