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Cybeats recognized in Gartner Innovation Insight for SBOMs Report

Cybeats SBOM Studio

Automating SBOM Management to help organizations accelerate vulnerability management while reducing cost and increasing product security posture.

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Cybeats recognized in Gartner Innovation Insight for SBOMs Report.

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RSA Conference

Time: 2:00 pm CST

Location: San Francisco

Booth: Kiosk 5 - Ontario Pavilion

Date: April 24 - 27, 2023

Entrance via:

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Universal Transparency

Cybeats provides a single pane of glass into your software supply chain. Our platform seamlessly ingests SBOMs in all standard languages (SPDX and CycloneDX).

Robust Software Supply Chain Intelligence

Cybeats aggregates and manages your SBOMs at every level during various stages of the DevOps cycle. Enabling you to extract meaning insights to make data driven decisions about your software supply chain.

Reduce Risk at Scale

Seamlessly embed security into
existing workflows to efficiently
protect your future while
innovating with speed & scale.

what we offer

Holistic Software Supply Chain Security

Software Bill of Materials:
SBOM Studio

Enterprise SBOM Management
The most comprehensive management solution to
collect, store and distribute SBOMs at scale.
  • SBOM Inventory & Management
  • Vulnerability & Licensing Risk Assessment
  • Enforce Compliance Standards
  • SBOM Sharing
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Run Time Device Self
Protection (RDSP)

IoT Security Platform

Runtime Device Self ProtectionAn integrated security platform designed to secure and protect high-valued connected devices
Build secure and protected devices by design
  • Continuous detection for malicious attacks
  • Autonomous intrusion prevention
  • Detect and mitigate zero-day attacks
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