Cybeats is a complete solution to orchestrate security, monitoring, and firmware lifecycle management of smart buildings, enterprise, medical and critical infrastructure IoT devices, protecting from both previously known and completely new cybersecurity threats.


Medical Devices

Healthcare providers use connected medical devices to provide better patient outcomes by capturing more precise data and closely monitoring patient conditions. Components of these devices and the links between them have become targets for cyberattack, threatening patient well-being and network security.

Cybeats provides continuous protection by instantly detecting and blocking threats, distributing updated firmware as needed, and monitoring device health to prevent downtime. Cybeats provides device manufacturers with a software bill of materials, as prescribed by the FDA.

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Smart Buildings

Smart buildings connected to a network with intelligent and adaptable software help owners, operators and facility managers improve asset reliability and performance. This reduces energy use, optimizes how space is used and minimizes the environmental impact of buildings.

Cybeats assures the integrity of building automation by securing the connected components throughout their lifecycle, improving the devices by distributing updated firmware when needed to protect against cyber threats. Cybeats also collects and securely stores the metrics needed for security analytics and operational efficiency.

Critical Infrastructure

Critical infrastructure provides the essential services that underpin society and serve as the backbone of a nation's economy, security, and health. Power, water, transportation, communication systems—all are vital for modern life. This makes the infrastructure facilities prime targets for both cyber and physical attacks. 

Cybeats secures and protects the networked components of critical infrastructure, improving the devices by distributing updated firmware when needed. Cybeats monitors the health of devices in the field and facilitates cyber kinetic analytics and anomaly detection to protect against known and unknown cyber threats.

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Our Mantra



Automatic vulnerability landscape discovery provides sharp security x-ray of the device and zero-day awareness



Immediate detection of malicious activity on devices, cyber threat intelligence and actionable Incident management



Secure firmware lifecycle management and continuous model of device attestation keeps an eye after the device integrity




Cybeats offers everything you need in an IoT device continuous cyber protection solution including military-grade security, scalable architecture, powerful incident detection, incident management and analytics multiplatform support and more.



Cybeats automatically learns which IPs and ports an IoT device normally communicates with. Any exceptions to normal device behavior or traffic are flagged, alerts are generated, and all pertinent details are recorded.



Cybeats Microagent technology places a tiny sentinel on your IoT devices in order to monitor device behavior and health. Unlike other solutions, Cybeats Microagents are tiny mere kilobytes in size, not megabytes or gigabytes and have strictly controlled CPU and IO consumption, with all heavy processing performed by the Cybeats cloud service, ensuring no impact on device stability and performance.



Cybeats delivers an information-rich dashboard to both enterprises and device manufacturers, ensuring maximum visibility of developing and ongoing risks and vulnerabilities that may impact IoT devices.  Both the manufacturer and the enterprise are alerted in real time as soon as threats are identified or fixes are deployed.



Future Proof

Other solutions depend on databases of known threats and vulnerabilities to protect IoT devices. Only Cybeats automatically builds and maintains dynamic models of healthy device behaviors, allowing for any unusual behavior to be detected, making it ideal for identifying new and unknown threats.


Inside Out

Cybeats goes beyond other IoT device cyber protection solutions and monitors health and behavior from inside the device. Cybeats embedded Microagent technology not only protects devices but can detect threats that are invisible to network-based protection.



Critical Infrastructure

Cybeats meets the needs of critical infrastructure operators, by providing the highest level of control and workflow approval for threat defence operations and secure firmware updates.