Cybeats is a complete solution to protect enterprise and critical infrastructure IoT devices, through their complete lifecycle, from both previously known and completely new cybersecurity threats.


Automotive Factory

Factories are becoming increasingly sensitive to the threat of cybersecurity vulnerabilities. By only relying on perimeter protection through firewalls, manufacturing facilities have become vulnerable to malware threats that can take production lines down for weeks.

With Cybeats, businesses can ensure their IoT devices on the factory floor and back office are protected from known and unknown threats both inside and outside their firewalls.

Corporate sabotage is alive and well in our industry, unfortunately, and IoT devices provide a potential new opportunity for bad agents.

Cybeats helps make the most of IoT technology but without introducing risk.
— CSP, Car Manufacturer

Cybeats helps make the most of IoT technology but without introducing risk.




Who would have thought a casino fish tank could lead to the breach of and theft of over 10GB of customer data? That’s the reality of unprotected connected devices in today’s enterprises.

Casinos and other businesses are increasingly going beyond firewall protection to secure against such attacks. With Cybeats, manufacturers of their IoT devices embed Microagent technology onboard to ensure their devices are protected from known and unknown threats both inside and outside their firewalls.

We knew we needed to up our cybersecurity game with our IoT devices but the solutions we looked at had a significant on-device footprint.
— CSO, Casino

Only Cybeats Microagent technology could work on a CPU as small as a fishtank’s and not compromise performance.

Video Surveillance

Video surveillance providers depend on one of the most widespread types of IoT devices for the service they provide - connected cameras. To secure these devices, most cyber threat intelligence solutions rely exclusively on databases of known threats, leaving devices vulnerable to new and unknown threats.

Only Cybeats measures and enforces healthy device behaviors, allow for any unusual behavior to be detected imediately and rapidly identifying unknown threats.

With Cybeats we can offer our customers the assurance that their network cameras are protected and up-to-date. Any anomalies detected by us, by our customers, and even by the device manufacturers are shared in real-time.”
— CTO, Video Surveillance Company


Cybeats offers

Cybeats offers everything you expect in an IoT device continuous cyber protection solution including military-grade security, scalable serverless architecture, incident management and analytics, multiplatform support and more.


Network Intrusion Detection System

Cybeats automatically learns which IPs and ports an IoT device normally communicates with. Any exceptions to normal device behavior or traffic are flagged, alerts are generated, and all pertinent details are recorded.



Cybeats Microagent technology places a tiny sentinel on your IoT devices in order to monitor device behavior and health. Unlike other solutions, Cybeats Microagents are tiny mere kilobytes in size, not megabytes or gigabytes and have strictly controlled CPU and IO consumption, with all heavy processing performed by the Cybeats cloud service, ensuring no impact on device stability and performance.



Cybeats delivers an information-rich dashboard to both enterprises and device manufacturers, ensuring maximum visibility of developing and ongoing risks and vulnerabilities that may impact IoT devices.  Both the manufacturer and the enterprise are alerted in real time as soon as threats are identified or fixes are deployed.



Future Proof

Other solutions depend on databases of known threats and vulnerabilities to protect IoT devices. Only Cybeats automatically builds and maintains dynamic models of healthy device behaviors, allowing for any unusual behavior to be detected, making it ideal for identifying new and unknown threats.


Inside Out

Cybeats goes beyond other IoT device cyber protection solutions and monitors health and behavior from inside the device. Cybeats embedded Microagent technology not only protects devices but can detect sleeper threats.



Critical Infrastructure

When is comes to protecting critical infrastructure it requires different state of control and ability to sign off on threat defence operations performed before they executed as well as hybrid approach to cybersecurity.