Our line of offerings covers the 3 major needs required by any IoT developer.

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Continuous Protection

Cybeats Cyber Shield wraps your device with security by providing you with CTIaaS service that does for you automatic CVE analysis, discovery and brings to your attention any critical vulnerability that might be hiding in your firmware before it's distributed to your customers. This way you always can react and mitigate the risk before it becomes real. After the distribution of the firmware, our CTIaaS keeps monitoring all of your devices in order to assure no newly discovered vulnerability can affect it in the future. Our SECaaS service automatically learns the DNA of your device and like immune system spots any changes or software pathogens by alerting you in a clear and convenient way about any deviation in the device vitals.

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Secure System Modification

Let us worry about the secure firmware distribution to your devices and focus on your device features. This functionality will save a lot of time comparing to develop your own. It brings the aspect of accountability and traceability for the firmware release process in addition to the smart delivery functionality such as distributing your firmware only for specific geographical location or during specific hours of the day. Using our service you can be always confident that your firmware works before it delivered to your devices and reduce the risk of bricking them.


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Our system uses state of art Big Data analytics and based on our algorithms our dashboard shows you a number of connected devices or monitors any positive or negative pattern of your device activity such as devices that ceased working over time. Our system provides you the needed pipeline to ship more information regarding your devices such as usage patterns or failures occurring at the consumer side. This allows you to receive the proper feedback and improve your product either make business decisions that can improve your company performance.