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Security and Risk Report by Independent Research Firm

Cybeats is named in Forrester’s Planning Guide 2023, Security and Risk, released on August 23rd, 2022. Forrester, known as one of the largest and most reputable global research and advisory organizations, released their annual Planning Guide designed for CISOs and other security and risk leaders.

Similarly, Verizon Released its 2022 Data Breach Investigations Report showing that third party supply chain partners are responsible for 62% of intrusion events. Software supply chain attacks have become popular amongst attackers for their ability to spread “quickly andeasily”.  This is because 75%* of the average code used in an application is made up of open source and as a result of the open source dependency, 60% of applications have at least one high severity vulnerability.

Leveraging Cybeat’s SBOM Studio platform, organizations can quickly identify any dependencies they have from their software supply chain and make data driven decisions using our robust software supply chain intelligence. Cybeats customers benefit from:

Universal Transparency  Discover, manage and secure your software assets through a single pane of glass

Deep Visibility Ability view complete SBOMs with enriched vulnerability data and save time identifying weak links in the software supply chain

Meeting Compliance and Increasing Revenue Comply with customer demands around SBOM generation and exchange while driving business growth

Increasing Operational Efficiency Reduce operating cost through effective license management

Cybeats, in its final push towards its public listing and having secured multiple significant commercial engagements, is pleased to be named within the esteemed Planning Guide Report and honorably welcomes the recognition as a further testament to the company’s capabilities and future value.

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