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Cybeats Takes Top Honors in Two Categories of The IoT Global Awards

It’s easy for a startup company to get lost in the shadow of industry giants like SAP, EY, Gemalto and Wind River. Far from being overshadowed, I’m pleased to tell you that Cybeats is shining our own light in the IoT world, and we’re earning recognition for it.

In March, Cybeats was recognized with not one, but two, IoT Global Awards for our “innovations that advance the cause of the Internet of Things.” The IoT Global Awards are sort of the Academy Awards among companies that develop and deliver products and services in the IoT ecosystem. As the “global” part of the name implies, the competition includes entries from companies all around the world.

IoT Global Network, co-sponsor of the awards, says its mission is “to discover the very best company, product and individual talents in the IoT industry” and it assembled a panel of judges from across the value chain and some of the best known corporations in the sector to select the winning entries.

In a press release, Jeremy Cowan, the editorial director & publisher of IoT Global Network, said: "I have been impressed by both the quality and quantity of entries to these, the inaugural IoT Global Awards. The shortlisted entries have been carefully assessed by our Judging Panel of 12 independent IoT experts. It’s clear from the range and breadth of technical innovations, products and services that have won awards today that the future of IoT will continue to be characterized by ingenuity and immense practical skill in turning this enormous opportunity into a reality that transforms lives and businesses across the world."

At the recent awards ceremony at the Smart IoT London event, Cybeats took home the top honors in the service division of two categories:

Securing IoT – The judges were keen to recognize products or services that will do the most to enhance the security of current or future IoT applications, and which will advance the cause of the Internet of Things in general. They evaluated products focusing on areas such as IoT data encryption; secure IoT data transfer; threat alert, control and resolution; and so on.

Big Data, Cloud and Analytics - These products and services included areas such as data collection, collation, storage, manipulation, or analysis.

We consider the win in the Securing IoT category especially gratifying, considering how security is such a critical aspect of ensuring there is real value in the Internet of Things. Without security, the IoT would consist of a bunch of intelligent devices with the potential to give away all their mission-critical data.

Here is What the Judges Had to Say About Cybeats:

"What excited us about Cybeats is the realisation that security starts at the edge, and that we cannot discriminate over which devices we will protect. The use of a micro agent to support the lowest compute-capable devices, the creative approach to anomaly detection through models of healthy/unhealthy behaviours and the visibility provided to both enterprises and device manufacturers through their dashboard provides a solution that is scalable, creative and importantly understandable and communicable to the end users that need assurances of current and future protection against security breaches."

Yes, Cybeats does all that, and more. If you develop or manufacture IoT devices for commercial, industrial or critical infrastructure use, or if you are an enterprise that uses such devices in your environment, I encourage you to talk to us about how Cybeats can provide lifecycle protection to seriously reduce your risk profile. Specifically, we have a proven solution to secure IoT devices to ensure they are without vulnerabilities before being deployed; protect those devices from threats once they are deployed; and fix the devices by distributing updated firmware when needed. We’ve always felt we had something really special, and now we can say it’s an award-winning solution with global recognition.

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