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Securing Critical Industries

Cybeats security platform is used to secure and protect connected devices that have a high risk of being attacked. As more and more industries connect devices to the internet, the risk of attack becomes higher. This risk is especially high in industries where the health and safety of individuals may be in danger and where interruptions in operation might cause significant financial harm to an organization.


Smart building systems can include a number of different types of devices, including HVAC, lightning, EV charging, elevators, and security systems. Cybeats assures the integrity of building automation by securing the connected components throughout their lifecycle, improving the devices by distributing updated firmware when needed to protect against cyber threats. Cybeats also integrated with existing SOC to allow for detailed visibility to individual devices connected to a building automation system.  This level of device visibility allows for security teams to respond to an incident in a matter of seconds to reduce the amount of downtime to a building system.

Smart Cities


Critical infrastructure provides the essential services that underpin society and serve as the backbone of a nation's economy, security, and health. Power, water, transportation, communication systems—all are vital for modern life. This makes the infrastructure facilities prime targets for both cyber and physical attacks.

Cybeats provides the security platform to protect the connected devices that manage and control these critical systems.  A key benefit of the Cybeats approach is the ability to quickly respond to an attack and limit the amount of device downtime.  Cybeats integrates with existing SOC and provides a detailed level of visibility for each connected device. This level of device-specific visibility allows SOC to quickly respond to an incident in a matter of seconds, not days, reducing the amount of device downtime.


Healthcare providers use connected medical devices to provide better patient outcomes by capturing more precise data and closely monitoring patient conditions. Components of these devices and the links between them have become targets for cyber-attack, threatening patient well-being and network security.

Cybeats allows for medical device makers to discover any security issues during the development phase of the medical device before it is used by a healthcare provider. While being used in a patient setting, the Cybeats device sentinel and device profile continues to ensure the device operates normally. Any abnormal behavior is identified as a threat. Cybeats can quickly identify the root of the abnormal behavior and allows for immediate remediation so there is limited downtime for the medical device. Cybeats also integrated seamlessly into healthcare providers existing SOC to allow for easy on-boarding and response to cyber-attacks.

Medical Devices