The IoT device presence widens an organization’s security boundaries and opens the door for possible cyber-attacks on individual devices that can spread dangerous software between its peers and serve as an entry point to the backend of their secured perimeter. This is only one of many types of attacks that have been enabled by the IoT’s technological advancement. When it comes to management of numerous devices, there is a clear need for advanced cyber threat intelligence that can identify the current device vulnerabilities as well as provide alerts about potential threats or unwanted device software modifications that may be discovered. These functionalities need to include the capability to immediately inform the company's security department. In some cases, the threat needs to be quickly extracted from remote end points for further analysis in a controlled environment and then dealt with. These processes need to happen at scale so they can support massive groups of devices in multiple geographical locations.


Continuous Cyber Protection

Continuous Cyber Detection and Protection wraps your device with security by providing cyber threat intelligence service that conducts automated CVE discovery and analysis and warns of any critical vulnerability in the software that might affect the device before it distributed to the end points. This allows to eliminate the risk before it becomes real. After the distribution of the firmware, our solution keeps monitoring the devices in order to assure no newly discovered vulnerability can affect them. Our Continuous Cyber Protection service automatically learns the DNA of your device and makes sure it stays intact utilizing cyber forensics techniques.

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Secure System Modification

Let us worry about the secure firmware distribution to your devices while you focus on your device features. This functionality saves a lot of time compared to developing your own. It provides the aspect of accountability and traceability in the firmware release process in addition to the smart delivery functionality that distributes your firmware only for specific geographical locations or during specific hours of the day. When using our service, you can reduce the risk of bricking your devices and always be confident that your firmware works before it’s delivered to them.

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Real Time Feedback

Our system uses state-of-the-art big data analytics and based on our algorithms, your dashboard shows you connected devices and monitors any positive or negative pattern of device activity, such as devices that have ceased working over time. Our system provides the necessary channel to send more information regarding your devices including usage patterns or failures occurring on the consumer side. This allows you to receive proper feedback and improve your product or make business decisions that can improve your company’s performance.

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