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An Integrated

Security Platform

Designed for Connected Devices

Device Operators

Cybeats security platform makes it easy for organizations, such as critical infrastructure operators, hospitals, utilities, cities, building landlords, to manage the security of a Cybeats protected device.

Integrate with existing SOC to ease on-boarding of new devices and reduce operational costs

Respond immediately to cyber-threats without requiring the infected device to be quarantined, limiting the amount of device downtime

Our unique, device centric security dashboard, integrates seamlessly into existing SIEM systems and enables Security Operation Centers (SOC) to respond quickly to attacks.

Device operators using Cybeats device centric security can:


Key Features

Real-time Trusted Device Profiles for Zero Downtime

Cybeats sentinel and trusted device profile define the normal behavior of a device. Any abnormal behavior is identified and analyzed in real-time as a potential threat. The exact root of the abnormal behavior can be identified, allowing for immediate remediation to remove the threat so there is zero device downtime.

Continuous Threat

Continuous Threat Intelligence

Cybeats provides continuous threat intelligence to identify new threats that might attack deployed devices.  This approach allows device operators to keep up to date on cybersecurity threats against their devices.

Secure Device

Tools to Keep Device Security Current

The Cybeats management dashboard allows for device firmware to be updated in a managed and secure manner. Device operators can implement update policies that specify a process for approving firmware updates and orchestrate OTA updates for individual and groups of devices.

Seamless Integration

Seamless Integration with SOC

Cybeats makes it possible to integrate with existing SIEM systems to provide detailed visibility to individual devices. This level of device specific visibility allows SOC to quickly respond to an incident in a matter of seconds, not days, reducing the amount of device downtime.

Device Visibility

Visibility for Device Operators

The Cybeats management dashboard allows operators to view detailed information about each deployed device, including CPU and memory utilization, network analysis of IP addresses and port usage, CVE analysis on source code, and file integrity analysis. This level of visibility provides the operators a higher level of confidence in the security of their deployed devices.

Device Visibility

On-Prem solution

Cybeats on-prem solution provides security management for air-gapped devices that do not have a direct cloud connection. The on-prem solution protects mission-critical OT networks from external security threats.

Asset Discovery

Asset Discovery

Cybeats IoT Radar  will scan your network to discover assets connecting to a network. Cybeat’s asset discovery capabilities will:

Analyzes the network connection and provides insights into known and unknown IoT threats.

Shows insights about connections made to rogue networks and displays transferred data.

Visualizes the IoT devices on the network, identifying devices with known vulnerabilities.

Gathers operational data about the connected device such as configuration.


Supported Platforms & Architectures

Our sentinel has support and integrations ready for multiple platforms and architectures. Our technology allows our customers to onboard and integrate quickly even with completely new architectures.

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