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An Integrated

Security Platform

Designed for Connected Devices

Device Makers

Cybeats security platform has been designed for securing IoT and connected devices. Our approach starts with a trusted device profile that defines the normal behavior of a device. A device sentinel sits on each device to identify abnormal behavior that might be a cyber-attack.

Build secure and protected devices that meet security standards and government regulations.

Eliminate downtime of a connected device that has been infected.

Streamline the process of building a secure device to accelerate time to market.

Manage and maintain devices so they continue to be secure once deployed.

Traditional cybersecurity technologies are designed to protect IT systems running in a data center, not connected devices. If a device becomes infected, the only remediation is to quarantine and remove the device from operation. This is unacceptable for many organizations, like factories or utilities, that require continuous operation of their devices.

Devices makers using Cybeats device centric security can:


Key Features

Security Intelligence

Identify Device Threat Model During Development via SBOM Studio

Cybeats SBOM Studio automatically analyze the threat model of the device during the development process, looking for potential software vulnerabilities, insecure network operations, software supply chain attacks, device performance issues and even memory and file leaks. This provides device makers the visibility and assurance the device is secure and stable during pre-market before manufacturing.

Fast and Efficient

Fast and Efficient Security for Trusted Devices

Cybeats understands device security needs to be fast and efficient. Our sentinel is very small (600KB footprint) and fast so it has minimal impact on hardware requirements. Cybeats doesn’t rely upon malware algorithms so there is no need to incur increased bandwidth costs to download updated malware signatures.

Real-time Trusted Device

Real-time Trusted Device Profiles for Zero Downtime

Cybeats sentinel and trusted device profile define the normal behavior of a device. Any abnormal behavior is identified and analyzed in real-time as a potential threat. The exact root of the abnormal behavior can be identified, allowing for immediate remediation to remove the threat so there is zero device downtime

Continuous Threat Intelligence

Continuous Threat Intelligence

Cybeats provides continuous threat intelligence to identify potential new threats that might attack deployed devices.  This allows device makers to demonstrate to their customers that the device will continue to be protected into the future.

Secure Device

Tools to Keep Device Security Current

The Cybeats management dashboard allows for device firmware to be updated in a managed and secure manner. Device manufacturers can implement policies that specify a process for approving firmware updates and orchestrate OTA updates for individual and groups of devices.

API Integration

API Integration

Cybeats platform publishes a REST API to allow for easy access of the device data stored in the Cybeats platform. This makes it possible to integrate Cybeats device information into other management systems.

Seamless Integration

Seamless Integration with SOC

Cybeats makes it possible to integrate with existing SIEM systems to provide detailed visibility to individual devices. This level of device specific visibility allows SOC to quickly respond to an incident in a matter of seconds, not days, reducing the amount of device downtime.


Supported Platforms & Architectures

Our sentinel has support and integrations ready for multiple platforms and architectures. Our technology allows our customers to onboard and integrate quickly even with completely new architectures.

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