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Join us for Episode Three of the State of Cybersecuirty Industry Panel

October 14, 2021

Join us for Episode Three of the State of Cybersecuirty Industry Panel: SBOMs Impact on producers and consumers - Register Here!

The need for SBOMs has become more apparent in the cyber security industry. In order to better understand what components are in your software, SBOMs are needed for both producers and consumers. Transparency is necessary for both roles to understand the vulnerabilities in their software in order to prevent cyber attacks and software malfunctions. Tune into Episode Three of the State of the Cybersecurity Industry panel, on October 19th, to understand what an optimal SBOM will look like in your role as a producer, and how you can better use SBOMs as a consumer. Our Panellists Include Philip Tonkin, Global Head of Cyber Operational Technology at National Grid; Cassie Crossley, Product and Systems Security Director at Schneider Electric; and Shuli Goodman, the founder and Executive Director of LF Energy. The panel will be moderated by Chris Blask, Vice President of Strategy at Cybeats.

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